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Life Inside the Dead Man's Curve: The Chronicles of a Public-Safety Helicopter Pilot
Paperback by Kevin McDonald (Author) 1/11/2016

Guts 'N Gunships: What it was Really Like to Fly Combat Helicopters in Vietnam
Paperback by Mark Garrison (Author) 9/23/2015

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Helicopters: Military, Civilian, and Rescue Rotorcraft (Aviation Factfile (Chartwell Books))
Hardcover by Robert Jackson (Editor) 1/15/2014

Learning to Fly Helicopters, Second Edition
Paperback by R. Padfield (Author) 10/15/2013

Helicopter Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-21A)
Paperback by U. S. Department of Transportation (Author), Federal Aviation Administration (Author) 6/17/2013

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook (Updated Edition)
[Paperback] Federal Aviation Administration (Author) 11/11

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare
[Hardcover] Walter J. Boyne (Author) 3/11

Helicopter Gunships: Deadly Combat Weapon Systems (Specialty Press)
[Hardcover] Wayne Mutza (Author) 9/10

Lock on No. 13 : AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter
by Francois Verlinden 63 5/99

Principles of Helicopter Flight/ 1749T
by W. J. Wagtendonk 51 1/96

Helicopter Theory
by Wayne Johnson (Author) 56 10/94

Learning to Fly Helicopters
by R. Randall Padfield, Ralph C. Padfield (Illustrator) 51 1/92




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