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Cord Cutting: How to cut the cord on cable TV and never look back!
[Kindle Edition] David Broer (Author) 4/09/2015

Beginners Guide: Cutting the Cord, Life Without Cable and Satellite TV: Save Money Using Kindle Fire Stick, Roku, and Much More
[Kindle Edition] Angela Agranoff (Author) 2/27/2015


No More Cable Bill: The TV Junkie's Guide To Affordable Internet T.V. (Modern Technology)
[Kindle Edition] Randy Wareing (Author) 1/30/2015

TV Without Cable: Guide to Free Internet TV and Over-the-Air Free TV (Streaming Devices) (Volume 1)
Paperback by Ronald Peter (Author) 1/26/2015

Future of Television: Your Guide to Creating TV in the New World
Paperback by Pamela Douglas (Author) 1/01/2015

How To Get Free TV: The Book The Cable Companies Dont Want You To Read
[Kindle Edition] J.J. Rilker (Author) 10/18/2014

Simple Guide to Over-the-Air Free TV (Non Technical Guide To Cord Cutting Book 1)
[Kindle Edition] Andrea Polk (Author) 4/19/2014

The CTRL+ALT+DEL Plan: Cut Cable TV in 7 Days (from HDTV Antenna to Home Theater PC(HTPC) with MythTV or XBMC, complete how to)
[Kindle Edition] Mike Forseth (Author) 9/05/2013

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Cable television in the USA is a common form of television delivery, generally by subscription. Cable TV first became available in the United States in 1948, with subscription services in 1949. Data by SNL Kagan shows that as of 2006 about 58.4% of all American homes subscribe to basic cable television services.

Most cable viewers in the US are in the suburbs and tend to be middle class; cable television is less common in low income, inner city, and rural areas.




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