CD Duplication CD Rom Duplication CD R Video Tape DVD Duplication Service

Disk on Demand Publishing
Kindle Edition by Danial Miller (Author) 12/25/2016

CD Duplicator Bible: The Complete Idiot's Guide to CD Duplication
Kindle Edition by Bryan Nash (Author) 7/11/2015

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Video Tape & DVD Duplication Transfering Service Start Up Sample Business Plan!
Kindle Edition by Bplan Xchange (Author) 9/18/2013

Modern Recording Techniques (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 8th Edition
by David Miles Huber (Author), Robert E. Runstein (Author) 8/09/2013

The Practical Guide to Converting Vinyl Records & Tapes Using a DVD Video Recorder
Kindle Edition by P Calder-Marshall (Author), K Calder-Marshall (Author) Be the first to review this item 5/21/2013

CD and DVD Recording for Dummies, Second Edition
(Paperback) by Mark L. Chambers 2/04

Choose and use the perfect CD or DVD recorder. Safeguard data and photos, put that classic music on CD, or record your favorite movies. CDs and DVDs do more than entertain; they're also the perfect data storage system! This fully updated guide helps you record favorite tunes as well as preserve family photos with the greatest of ease. Get the scoop on the latest devices, tips on mixed media recording, advice on turning your videotapes into DVDs, and much more.

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