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Mountain Primal Meat Co.
They are a meat company based out of Emma, Colorado that focuses on heritage breed meat, from both Highlander Cattle and Berkshire pigs. They deliver premium cuts straight to your door using top of the line insulated packaging and cold packs. They also sells sauces, seasonings, and apparel that reflects an American spirit. 65

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms

Exotic meats, organic meats. game & all natural meats - delivered right to your door! All natural & farm raised game meats. Game meats are higher in protein yet lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than traditional meats. Ostrich meat, buffalo meat and many other all natural and farm-raised game meats. Free of growth hormones, antibiotics, medications or preservatives. If we wouldn't eat it, you won't find it in our products. Their exotic meats and game have long been endorsed by the some of the finest chefs in the United States. 69

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Skillet Love: From Steak to Cake: More Than 150 Recipes in One Cast-Iron Pan
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MEAT: Everything You Need to Know
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The Book of Steak
Hardcover by Parragon Books (Author), Love Food Editors (Author) 5/03/2013

Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef
Paperback by Mark Schatzker (Author) 4/26/2011

Raising Steaks: The Life and Times of American Beef
(Hardcover) by Betty Fussell (Author) 10/08

How to Hit a Curveball, Grill the Perfect Steak, and Become a Real Man: Learning What Our Fathers Never Taught Us
(Paperback) by Stephen James (Author), David Thomas (Author) 4/08

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(Paperback) by Cree LeFavour (Author) 4/08

Morton's Steak Bible: Recipes and Lore from the Legendary Steakhouse
(Hardcover) by Klaus Fritsch (Author), Mary Goodbody (Author) 5/06

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