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Free POP3 Email Accounts 23

AIM Mail
Unlimited Storage - Keep important messages as long as you like. * Access Your E-mail anywhere - Send and receive messages from your mobile device. * Integrated Buddy List - Send friends an instant message with just one click.

GMX Webmail
Unprecedented Spam Protection * Maximum Virus Protection * 5 GB E-Mail Storage Space. 32
Free 30GB Webmail. Free Online Photosharing, Up to 30GB of Online Storage, Calendar, Tasks & Notes, SMTP/POP3 Access. 41

Free Email Account, 3GB Storage, Spam and Virus Protection. Personalized email- over 250 address choices * Address books, calendars and tools * Free support * Access from any computer. 41

Care2 WebMail
100% Free & Reliable. Uptime 99.9% • 5 GB storage space • 10 MB attachment capacity • SPAM / virus filters • Access to any POP account • Vacation auto-reply • 12 Language spell-check • Now faster than ever! • Address book import • Customized signature • Fun webmail names: yourname,,,,,, and more! 41

My Way email account
125MB storage / 10MB message size # Enhanced spam prevention tools # Stationery, fonts and more (IE only) # Or enjoy one-click access to Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail or other webmail services - right on My Way! 42

10MB email, IMAP 45 day inactivity time Ads + taglines 44 Mail 45

Store your messages forever with unlimited free space. 46

10 GIGA Free. Send File up to 100 MB Free. 55

Opera Web Mail
3 MB of storage space, E-mail transfer, Total attachments of up to 2 MB, Label e-mail 54

Free Email with Unlimited Storage * Self-Destructing Email * Recallable/Erasable Email * Non-Forwardable Email * Non-Printable/Savable Email * Advanced Email Tracking. Bigstring IM allows you to use their web messenger along with supporting msn, google, yahoo, and aim. BigString email service for secure, private, recallable, erasable email. Video in email, email marketing, small business webmail, web email hosting. 55


Free Email Account, Calendars Online, To Do List. Zenbe is the world's best email experience, providing users with management tools for all of their email accounts, files, calendars, tasks, and more. Zenbe is free email that works with the email you already use. Zenbe offers many features, including email, online calendar, lists, mobile sync, file sharing, team collaboration. It even works with Facebook and Twitter. 58 Free E Mail
Login at least once every 45 days to keep your free email account active. 59

Webmail, Advertising Supported, Old Messages Expire. 61

FREE POP Mail Access - Read your mail with your favorite program. * Large Mailboxes. 100 megabytes of space. * Ad-Free Options * Mail Filtering * Free Mail Forwarding * Free SMTP Access - Send mail directly from your favorite client. * Cool Domains - Fun, frisky and memorable. * No Popups. 62

Temp Inbox
Free, receive only, temporary, throwaway, e-mail accounts. No registration, no set-up. RSS feeds. 64

PostMaster UK
IMAP, spam controls, calendars, storage areas and much more. 65


Lavabit offer a fast, reliable, private POP3 e-mail account with the most advanced features. Even their administrators can’t read your e-mail. 65

The World's Longest Alphabetical Email Address 67

Stop Spam Mail with MailNull
The Home of Anti-Spam Terrorists. Separate temporary email address. 71

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