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Introducing The Glycemic Impact Diet. Lose 10 Pounds in 5 weeks
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Free Diet Profile. eDiets: Personalized diet and weight loss programs. Lose 10 Pounds in one month.
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Fitness and Diet Plan From Oprah's Trainer
Atkins Nutritional Approach Diet Plan The Atkins Diet Plan
Glycemic Impact Diet Plan
New Mediterranean Diet Plan
eDiets.com Weight Loss Diet Plan
Bill Phillips' Eating For Life Diet Plan

40-30-30 Nutrition Diet Plan

Alternative to Jenny Craig Diet Plan

Blood Type Diet Plan

Cholesterol-Lowering Diet Plan: This healthy eating plan lowers bad cholesterol by eliminating bad fats from your diet.

Healthy Soy Diet Plan: Replaces animal-based proteins with healthy, antioxidant-rich soy meals for improved health.

Heart Smart Diet Plan : Follows American Heart Association's guidelines to reduce unhealthy fats & lower risk of heart disease.

High-Fiber Diet Plan: Fills you up without filling you out, while improving digestion & lowering cancer risk.

Hire Oprah's Trainer Fitness and Diet Plan

Hypoglycemia Diet Plan - Low-Sugar Plan: Stabilizes blood sugar levels, controls sugar cravings & reduces mood swings.

Lactose-Free Diet Plan: Calcium-rich diet eliminates dairy foods, gas & bloating while building strong bones.

Living with Diabetes Diet Plan: Nutritionally balanced, carb-controlled plan helps control blood sugar levels & improve health.

Low-Fat Diet Plan: This heart-healthy plan cuts dietary fat to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol & improve digestion.

Low-Sodium Diet Plan: Limits sodium intake to 2,400 mg. daily, replacing salt with herbs & heart-healthy substitutes.

Perricone Face-Lift Diet Plan

Slim-Fast Optima Diet Plan

Trim Kids Diet Plan

Vegetarian Diet Plan: This balanced, plant-based diet plan is a healthy way to eliminate animal products.



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