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Trillian Version:
Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities not possible with original network clients, while supporting standard features such as audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, server-side contact importing, typing notification, direct connection (AIM), proxy support, encrypted messaging (AIM/ICQ), SMS support, tabbed chatting, system-tray notifications and alerts, and privacy settings. Version is a maintenance release and resolves a security bug.

Pidgin Version: 2.10.7 File size: 30.45MB 2/13/2013

Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once.
Supported chat networks: AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MXit, MySpaceIM, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo!, Zephyr. 54

Viber for Windows Version:
Viber is a cross-platform IM and VoIP tool that lets you make free calls and send free messages to other Viber users on your smartphone and then carry on the conversation via chat on your PC. Viber syncs your contacts, messages, and history automatically between your phone and PC, so all you need to do is install Viber's Windows app on your PC and the correct app for your phone (ours is Android), and let Viber do the rest. Read more: Viber for Windows - Free download and software reviews - CNET

imo Network
Mobile Only. 55

Jitsi 2.2
Open Source Video Calls and Chat. Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) is an audio/video and chat communicator that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Windows Live, Yahoo! and many other useful features. 61

Digsby Version: build 92 (beta)

Digsby is a multiprotocol IM client, email notification tool, and social networking tool that lets you chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber with one simple to manage buddy list, lets you read and delete email easily, and keeps you up-to-date of your social networking accounts.

Digsby will easily be the instant messaging freeware of choice for the super social set. In addition to supporting the major IM networks--Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber--Digsby also pulls in Web mail feeds, as well as access to MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Updating Twitter is a breeze from the application's main interface, though users wishing to do anything more than read Facebook and MySpace news feeds will be redirected to their online accounts. Users can initiate text, video, and audio chat from the conversation window, and transfer files, send SMS, and compose e-mail. The notification pop-ups for every activity can get distracting, though a deep preference options control nearly every aspect of the display, including a wide variety of skins. Digsby is off to a strong start and can only get better from here. The question is if the other multiprotocol IM apps will catch up or offer something equally new and exciting.

ImGiant Lite 3
4:2.5 Downloads 18,552 12.76MB 6/6/06
IMGiant is a new instant messaging client that lets you unify all your screen names from AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and IRC in one tabbed chat window. All your buddies from your screen names are stored and viewed in one Buddy List window so you can always keep in touch with your family, friends, and co-workers. IMGiant is constantly updating and adding features; Such as starting up your own chat room, logging.

Miranda IM 0.6.3
Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and is extremely fast. It requires no installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disc. Its powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 350 free plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality of Miranda IM. Available Protocols ICQ AIM MSN Jabber Yahoo IRC Gadu-Gadu Tlen Netsend And more. 45

Adiumx Download
Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X, released under the GNU GPL and developed by the Adium team. 52

Camfrog Video Chat 3.81 43

mIRC 6.21
Internet Relay Chat is not as well-known as ICQ, even though it successfully combines chat and messaging without annoying ads. The IRC network is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk. With mIRC, you can choose from an unlimited number of existing chat rooms based on personal interests, or you can create your own channels with family and friends. IRC is more advanced than simple messenging, so it may take a while to get started. With a bit of browsing, though, you'll find that the mIRC interface allows easy access to IRC features. It guides you through the initial stages, including selecting from a wide list of servers. You can connect to more than one IRC server at once and chat through proxy. By creating your own channel, you can even set up a virtual meeting with colleagues. This program suits advanced users keen to expand their chat-client functionalities. For first-time users, mIRC offers the most functionality of any chat program available, which can be overwhelming at first--but if you read the help files you'll be on your way to using all the features mIRC has to offer. 54

Jabber: Open Instant Messaging Powered by XMPP
Jabber is best known as "the Linux of instant messaging" -- an open, secure, ad-free alternative to consumer IM services like AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. 61

Paltalk Video Chat


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