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Computer online backup should be automatic. Get free backup with Mozy or unlimited Mozy backup for $5.99 61

Online Backup starting at $5.99/month!
Mozy Online Backup Features:
Open/locked file support
448-bit Blowfish encryption
128-bit SSL encryption
Automatic or scheduled backups
New and changed file detection
Block level incremental backups
Bandwidth throttling
File versioning
Public or private key encryption
Users can now access their backed up files on their iOS and Android devices!

Mozy Free - 2 GB of secure, automatic online backup for free

MozyHome – 50GB and 125GB plans, secure, automatic online backup starting at $5.95 a month.
1 year plan = 1 month free
2 year plan = 3 months free

Mozy Free will safely back up 2GB of your most important documents on one computer. Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure. You can pay for additional storage and features. Mozy Remote Backup - winner of PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award -- is the best remote backup solution available. Mozy provides consumers with enterprise quality features such as: # 2GB of free, secure storage # Open/locked file support # Block-level differential backup # 128-bit SSL support (to secure data during transport) # 448-bit Blowfish encryption (to secure data on our server) # Continuous or scheduled backup options # File Versioning (to restore previous versions of files)




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