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Healing Crystals - A Guide to working with Amethyst
Paperback by Brenda Hunt (Author) 1/02/2013
This short, full colour report is a guide to working with the healing energies of Amethyst. Amethyst is considered to be one of the most powerful energisers of Mind, Body & Spirit in the crystal kingdom. Its balancing energy can help ease tension, stress and even help with depression and grief. It has been used throughout history for its healing energies and is just as helpful to us today in our highly stressed, high speed world, a world full of low level electromagnetic fields. This book shows you how you can include the healing energy of amethyst in your everyday life. This short booklet is one of a series, each one of which concentrates on the healing energies of a single crystal or crystal family, giving you more - and more detailed information on that crystal than you would normally be able to find in a single source about an individual crystal.

Amethyst Geode Sphere
Wide Amethyst Geode
Giant-Cut Base Amethyst Geode-Crystal Cluster-Uruguyan-Imported-High Quality
Agate Rimmed Amethyst Cathedral Geode, F63
Baby Amethyst Geode
Amethyst Cluster with Cut Base (Extra & Dark) (5" - 6") No Polished Edges - 1pc.



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