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ProTrade - A stock market for sports, you buy shares of your favorite players much like you buy shares of companies on the financial markets. You buy shares with PROTRADE money that they give you for free. The market prices are watched closely by teams, players, agents and sports fans around the world. You can see PROTRADE stock market data on major sports media outlets, including NBA TV and The players you buy and sell will impact the market and then the sports industry.

PRO TRADE is a fun new athlete stock market where fans buy and sell athletes to compete for cash and prizes and prove they're the smartest sports fan! At PROTRADE, every at-bat, every football drive, every missed putt, every blocked shot, every trade rumor, every coaching change, every contract hold-out, every draft selection, and every injury report can be factored into the value of athletes and teams. The sports destination Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Aikman, Bill Walsh, Jerry West and more think this is the future of fantasy sports. Registration is simple, easy and free! * A wide range of competitions they call challenges for a chance to win cash and prizes * PROTRADE has an athlete stock market and a Moneyball-style athlete valuation engine


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