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International Shipping. They ship worldwide using local suppliers. You never have to pay any import duty on item you receive. They use local suppliers in over 58 countries and all products are shipped locally. is a unique auction site where brand new products, such as Nintendo Wiis, iPods, laptops, digital cameras and LCD TVs fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for prices that can only be described as totally mad.

They offer the hottest and most wanted gadgets at bargain prices. They offer latest, brand new consumer electronics, watches and other desirable consumables from the leading manufacturers. Bidhere is a unique Internet auction experience.

They offer an exciting online auction for consumers, based on the principles of an American‐Style Auction – it is the right type of competition for participants who want to auction attractive goods and services at best prices. stands out from the crowd for several reasons. Bidhere make sure that every auction they run has a fair go. Real Auctions, Real Winners, Real Time! Bid Package Purchases & Final Auction Prices!

USA United States, India, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Australia, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Thailand, Philippines.

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