Silent Sales Machine 9.0 Paperback by Jim Cockrum Author Amazon eBay Creative Secrets Social Marketing Automation

Silent Sales Machine 9.0
Paperback by Jim Cockrum (Author) 9/24/2015

Topics covered include; Selling on, creative uses of eBay, finding and growing a loyal audience online, social marketing, automating your online efforts, effective email marketing and multiple real life success stories from his ever growing audience of creative and successful online entrepreneurs.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay. The hidden power of online auctions. eBay success power tools.
Put eBay on Autopilot! Earn a serious income with a part-time effort.

Table of Contents:

SECTION 1: "The Silent Sales Machine"
Summary: The original top selling eBook updated and improved!

Chapter 1 - How to earn money
Chapter 2 - New to eBay? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
Chapter 3 - Collecting payments online
Chapter 4 - One of my Silent Sales Machines
Chapter 5 - Details that make my Silent Sales Machine work
Chapter 6 - Might you need your own product?
Chapter 7 - Improving your machine
Chapter 8 - Resources for your Silent Sales Machine
Chapter 9 - Start your machine without writing anything
Chapter 10 - Huge mailing lists using eBay leads
Chapter 11 - How to make money with this book

SECTION 2: What should I sell on eBay?
Summary: A collection of the best and most creative ideas submitted by the thousands of readers of Jim's free newsletter "Creative eBay Selling".

Chapter 12 - Creating money from thin air on eBay
Chapter 13 - Creating money with other people's stuff
Chapter 14 - Free and really cheap stuff that sells well on eBay

SECTION 3: Power tips for eBay sellers
Summary: A collection of insider tips and tricks as well as creative ideas that will help you maximize the profits you earn from your eBay and online business.

Chapter 15: Tips for sellers that you won't find on eBay

Bonus articles:
Article 1: Become a POWER affiliate - huge hands free profits
Article 2: Tapping into the power of Joint Ventures.
Article 3: Profiting from eBay in creative ways
Article 4: The two simple steps to MASSIVE success




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