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Buying Cars from Police Impound Auctions
Kindle Edition by Stephen C. Webb (Author) 10/18/2014
Buying a quality used car, truck, RV, or motorcycle from a Police Impound Auction can save you thousands of dollars. Police Auctions are held in most major cities weekly, monthly and in some cases daily. Buying Cars from Police Impound Auctions is written by a used car dealer who for the past ten years and has kept his used car lot fully stocked from these types of auctions. The author will share with you how to purchase these vehicles, obtain a clear title, resell for a profit, and find the locations of the best police impound auctions in which he personally purchased cars and made a nice profit over the years. Visit the author's website, stevescars.com, to see an example of the types of vehicles that can be found at these police auctions.


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