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Shu Uemura cosmetics are developed based on elements from art, nature and technology. Mr. Shu Uemura began as a makeup artist in Hollywood in 1955, having discovered his talents in art, Makeup and hair design while being bed-ridden under medical treatment in his late teenage years. His first substantial opportunity came during the filming of Paramount's My Geisha, starring Shirley MacLaine when Ms. MacLaine's makeup artist fell ill and Mr. Uemura was called to substitute. shu uemura cleansing oil, shu uemura Depsea water, shu uemura's world-renowned Makeup Brushes.

Shu Uemura: Elements from Art, Nature and Technology. Shu Uemura cosmetics are developed based on elements from art, nature and technology. Cleansing Oils Foaming Cleansing Water Exfoliator Moisturizing Age Prevention Anti-Aging Night Cream Brightening Eye Care Lip Treatment Special Care Facial Mists Spa & Bath Spring Makeup Foundation Powders Base Concealer Brows Eye Shadows Eye Liners Mascaras Blushes Lipsticks Lip Pencils Lip Glosses Makeup Palettes Nails Natural Lashes Accent Lashes Fantasy Lashes Premium Lashes Applicator Tools Makeup Brushes Makeup Application Makeup Cases Other Accessories

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