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KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is the original and best performance sunscreen on the market. Started in 1994 by Jeff & Josie Kletter, KINeSYS Performance Sunscreens are the only oil, alcohol, PABA, preservative and paraben-free spray sunscreens available. The sprays are easy to apply, feel like air and don't need to be rubbed in.

KINeSYS Sunscreens are well-known and used among athletes, dermatologists and green-conscious consumers. Broad spectrum sunscreens consists of 5 sprays, SPF 15 and 30, available in two sizes, 4oz- 700+ sprays per bottle and 1oz- 170 sprays per bottle.

International Shipping. KINeSYS offers a product catalog brochure. Customer promotions include coupons, seasonal specials!

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