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Eliminate Body Hair Forever.
Permanent hair removal has never been easier or more effective.
A odorless, topically applied hair retardant - and yes, it actually slows the growth of hair.
Never shave again!

Safe, Natural Hair Removal Product Solves Embarrassing Problem Of Unwanted Hair

Non-Surgical Topical Cream Brings Hope To Those Seeking Effective Solutions Without Painful And Potentially Dangerous Surgery

BRITISH COLUMBIA - April 17, 1999 - Victoria Bodyworks herbal products has come out with a hair removal product "Ultra Hair Away" that they say removes unwanted hair safely, naturally, and effectively.

Hairaway was created to help those people who are unhappy with the expense, pain, and frustration caused by electrolysis, waxing, and traditional topical creams.

"I call Hairaway, 'The missing link for people who get teased about looking like the missing link'," says Victoria Bodyworks owner Sheila Myers with a smile, referring to the cruel taunts that hairy people sometimes get about looking half human, half ape. "For those who are sensitive to this problem, these kinds of 'jokes' are mortifying."

Hairaway is a clear odorless topical solution that is made from a special mixture of very unique plant enzymes in very precise quantities. Once applied, it saturates the base of the hair follicle and begins the patented process of stopping hair growth.

Based in Canada, Victoria Bodyworks ships their products worldwide. Says Sheila, "The best thing about this business is that I'm not just gaining customers, I'm gaining friends as well. The most rewarding part for me is when I get a letter or email from someone telling me how much this product has improved their life, not just by making them look better, but also by bringing back their self-confidence." Hairaway



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