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Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and get a Fair Price on the Books you Want.

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Free Shipping in the USA, $2.97 Shipping worldwide - 2 Million Used Books sold to fund literacy worldwide. Free Carbon Neutral Shipping in the USA.

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BetterWorld - New, Used, Rare Books & Textbooks. Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and get a Fair Price on the Books You Want. Better World Books is the socially conscious consumer's bookstore of choice. offers the lowest shipping rates on the Web: free shipping in the USA, and $2.97 shipping worldwide. They can offer these great rates because, unlike most other online used booksellers, they have all of their used books physically in stock. At any one time, around 2 million books are on the shelves of their Indiana warehouse.

They are an online-only bookseller, and provide outstanding customer service. Health and sustainability books. Better World Books.

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