Digital Photography Guides Learn Professional Trick Skills Special Effects Video Beginners Advanced Courses

Stunning Digital Photography
Paperback by Tony Northrup (Author), Chelsea Northrup (Author, Editor) 12/01/2019

National Geographic Photo Basics: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Great Photography
Paperback by Joel Sartore (Author), Heather Perry (Author) 11/12/2019


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Masters of Street Photography
Hardcover by Rob Yarham (Author) 11/01/2019

The Film Photography Handbook: Rediscovering Photography in 35mm, Medium, and Large Format
Hardcover by Chris Marquardt (Author), Monika Andrae (Author) 10/08/2019

The Landscape Photography Book: The step-by-step techniques you need to capture breathtaking landscape photos like the pros
Paperback by Scott Kelby (Author) 6/07/2019

The Art of Photography, 2nd Edition: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression 2nd Edition
by Bruce Barnbaum (Author) 5/10/2018

Digital Photography Complete Course: Learn Everything You Need to Know in 20 Weeks
Hardcover by David Taylor (Author) 8/18/2015

Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book + Video Course
How to do trick photography and special effects. Become unique, creative, and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people's minds away! Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in this 295 page e-book, along with 9 hours of how-to photography and video tutorials.

Photography Masterclass
Video tutorials for beginner and hobbyist photographers. Anyone with a DSLR camera will want to get their hands on this!





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