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Top 10 Cars to Buy in 2020: Your Car Guide
Kindle Edition by Siddharth Verma (Author) 8/27/2020

Crash Course: If You Want To Get Away With Murder Buy A Car
Paperback – Illustrated by Woodrow Phoenix (Author) 8/04/2020

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How To Buy a Car: Your Step By Step Guide In Buying a Car
Hardcover by HowExpert (Author) 4/15/2020

How To Beat The Car Dealer Every Time! It's So Simple It's Ridiculous!
Paperback by Mr Paul Maloney (Author) 4/27/2018

Everyone's Guide to Buying a Used Car and Car Maintenance
Paperback by Scotty Kilmer (Author) 11/14/2017

The Rebel Negotiator's Guide to Buying a Car: Expert Advice From a Professional Negotiator
Paperback by Grant S. Lange (Author) 7/22/2017

Consumer Reports Buying Guide New Cars, Trucks, SUVs November 2017, 243 Models
Single Issue Magazine – 2017 by Consumer Reports (Author)

Insider Secrets on How to Buy a Car: Avoid Psychological Manipulation When You Negotiate with Car Dealers
[Kindle Edition] John Shelby (Author) 7/03/2014

How to Buy a Car & Win! The Complete Car Buying Guide
[Kindle Edition] John F. Franklin (Author) 11/07/2013

QuickFlip Auto: How to Buy and Sell Cars in order to Bring Extra Income into your Household
Paperback by Andrew D. Ferraro (Author) 9/15/2013

Getting the Best Price on a Used Car
Paperback by Lynnette Hartwig (Author) 4/17/2013

Honest Guide to Buying a Car - How to Get the Best Deals and Never Worry About Being Ripped Off Again
[Kindle Edition] Gregg Fidan (Author) 9/17/2012

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying A Used Car
[Kindle Edition] Eric Cluskey (Author) 2/11




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