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Cricket Wireless

The 5G & 4G LTE Plans You Need for the Life You Live

Prepaid Cell Phones

Cricket Communications is the affordable wireless carrier. They have unbeatable deals on prepaid smartphones, including Android phones, that will keep you connected wherever you go. Unlike most other cell phone companies, Cricket offers real unlimited cell phone plans. Unlimited local calling, unlimited US long distance, unlimited text & picture messaging -- all with no signed contracts & no overages.

In addition, Subcribers get unlimited song downloads through Muve Music, a service now included on all music phones. Their service doesn't stop with voice plans either. With Cricket, you can get fast and reliable wireless Broadband Internet for your home computer or laptop.

Regardless of what Cricket plan you choose, you'll be hard pressed to find a better wireless deal from any other carrier. And of course, they also have all the cell phone accessories you need from manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Kyocera.

Here's what you get with Cricket Wireless:
NO signed contracts
NO overages
3G High-Quality Network
NO credit checks

Compare them with your current cell phone provider and see how much you'll save with unlimited wireless service from Cricket. Cricket offers unlimited service over a high-quality, all–digital wireless network. They have been providing unlimited service for over 10 years, to more than 5 million customers nationwide.




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