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Ulule   52    53

Bonfire   54   55 56    61

Double the Donation   61    64

Plumfund 64

StartSomeGood   67   71   71    71

Edco   71

FringeBacker - Creativity. Like it, Fund it.
FringeBacker is the first global crowdfunding platform that showcases entirely bilingually, in both English and Chinese. FringeBacker is dedicated to providing a range of options for online fundraising that make it effortless and fun – from reward-based crowdfunding for creative projects, to direct fundraising for charities, to empowering people to start their own peer-to-peer fundraisers. Through actively engaging people to participate in fundraising and donating, FringeBacker facilitates creative arts, innovative industries and charitable organisations to exponentially raise more money, more efficiently, and with openness and transparency. 71  54  55   56  58   61

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