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How to Woo a Jew: The Modern Jewish Guide to Dating and Mating
Paperback by Tamar Caspi (Author) 1/21/2014

A Kosher Dating Odyssey : One Former Texas Baptist's Quest for a Naughty & Nice Jewish Girl
Paperback English By (author) Van Wallach 4/15/2012


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Single Jewish Female: A Modern Guide to Sex and Dating
(Paperback) by Leah Furman (Author) 9/04

Boy Vey!: The Shiksa's Guide to Dating Jewish Men (Paperback) by Kristina Grish
(Author), LULU* (Illustrator) 5/05

What to Do When You're Dating a Jew : Everything You Need to Know from Matzah Balls to Marriage
(Paperback) by Vikki Weiss (Author), Jennifer A. Block (Author) 9/00

Sacred Trust: Love, Dating and Marriage: The Jewish View
by Pinchas Jewish Alternatives in lo Stolper 8/99

Jewish Alternatives in Love, Dating and Marriage
by Pinchas Stolper



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