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World Vision

With Charity for All: Why Charities Are Failing and a Better Way to Give
[Hardcover] Ken Stern (Author) 2/2013
Vast and largely unexamined, the world of American charities accounts for fully 10 percent of economic activity in this country, yet operates with little accountability, no real barriers to entry, and a stunning lack of evidence of effectiveness. In With Charity for All, Ken Stern reveals a problem hidden in plain sight and prescribes a whole new way for Americans to make a difference.


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Save The Children

American Red Cross
American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Salvation Army's Disaster Relief Efforts

GuideStar The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations 53

Charity Navigator 54

First Giving 55

Network for Good 56

Shaking the Money Tree, 2nd Edition: How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video [ILLUSTRATED]
(Paperback) by Morrie Warshawski (Author) 7/03

The Fundraising Houseparty: How to Get Charitable Donations from Individuals in a Houseparty Setting
(Paperback) by Morrie Warshawski (Author) 5/02

American Liberty Partnership
A charity portal connecting people who want to help the organizations responding to the tragedies in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Make-A-Wish Foundation
Wish-granting organization for children.

Charity Watch
American Institute of Philanthropy - Charity Watchdog Helping Donors Make Informed Giving Decisions 63 BBB Wise Giving Alliance 68

Wise Giving Hong Kong 73

Charity Village Canada's supersite for the nonprofit sector

The Charity Commission for England and Wales

Donate Lists @

American Institute of Philanthropy

America's Charities

The Chronicle of Philanthropy The Newspaper of the Nonprofit World

Amnesty International Human Rights

American Lung Association - Donate

TransWeb All About Transplantation and Donation

Coalition on Donation -- Donate Life Egg Donation

Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Yahoo Sites
Christmas Charities


Charitable Vehicle Donation

Charitable Vehicle Donation 2

Christian Charities




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