As DVD Easily Organize Your Multimedia Collection

Get a personal Multimedia Organizer for your computer. If you have a lot of different Multimedia items such as CD's, DVD's, Audio and Video cassettes, files (music, movies, audiobooks etc) and even regular books, and your goal is to effectively organize these items, this software is for you!

Using this software, you can save and easily find all relevant information about your Multimedia items including authors, types, medias, prices, dates, format and even physical location.

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Organize and manage your music, movies, audiobooks, images and much more in a fast and easy way, and all this for a low price!

You will get the software package which includes:

Database for saving all the information you have organized
Graphical User Interface that will allow you to enter, update and manage all the information about your Multimedia items
Special Reporting System to print your information in a table format
Friendly and easy to use Manual helping you to use the software
Easily find all the necessary details about your Multimedia items
You can start using it right away!



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