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Bam's Unholy Union: Season 1 Ryan Dunn (Actor), Joseph Frantz (Actor) | Format: DVD
Planning a wedding is difficult enough without involving Bam Margera. But Missy, the girl next door, has found true love with the man who loves nothing more than torturing the closest to him. You are cordially invited to Bam's Unholy Union, 9 episodes following the betrothed for three months as they deal with the usual wedding headaches as well as the unusual: a Playboy photo shoot, a freak blizzard, and, of course the traditional Best Man Stunt Competition. The breakneck countdown to their beautiful day will test their sanity. Even Bam's.

Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% is Santa? (2008) Brandon Novak (Actor), Bam Margera (Actor), Bam Margera (Director), Joe Devito (Director) | Rated: R | Format: DVD

MTV - Viva La Bam - The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons (2003) Bam Margera (Actor), Vincent Margera (Actor) | Rated: Unrated | Format: DVD
The poster boy for how not to treat your parents is back with two more seasons of pranks, stunts and ridiculous displays of family love. In other words, we're not sure how they can still love him. With his entourage of agitators, Bam puts April, Phil and Don Vito through even more hell as they set out to do nothing but make themselves, and all of us, laugh our asses off. From hosting a Slayer concert in his backyard to putting Phil and Don Vito through a Fatboy Face-off, turning the driveway into a skate park and setting sail to a deserted island, Bam and his boys do whatever they want.

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