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Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist
Paperback by Tommy Gong (Author) 6/01/2014

Martial Arts: The Truth Behind the Myths! (Bullshido, Baloney and Bruce Lee!): The Martial Arts and Self Defense Secrets You NEED to Know
[Kindle Edition] Phil Pierce (Author) 11/13/2013

The Treasures of Bruce Lee: The Official Story of the Legendary Martial Artist
Hardcover by Paul Bowman (Author) 2/11/2013

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: The Complete Edition
(Hardcover) by Bruce Lee , M. Uyehara (Author) 9/08

Bruce Lee: v. 2: Legends of the Dragon
(Paperback) by Steve Kerridge (Author), Shannon Lee (Foreword) 7/08

Chinatown Jeet Kune Do: Essential Elements of Bruce Lee's Martial Art
(Paperback) by Tim Tackett (Author), Bob Bremer (Author), Linda Lee Cadwell (Foreword) 5/08

Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense
(Paperback) by Bruce Lee (Author) 2/08

Artist of Life (Bruce Lee Library)
(Paperback) by Bruce Lee, John Little (Author) 4/01

The Art of Expressing the Human Body
(Paperback) by Bruce Lee, John Little (Author) 11/98

Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way (The Brue Lee Library, Vol 3)
by Bruce Lee, John Little (Editor) 51 11/97

The Warrior Within : The Philosophies of Bruce Lee
(Paperback) by John Little (Author) 4/96

The Bruce Lee Story
(Paperback) by Bruce Lee (Author) 2/89

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 2: Basic Training
by Bruce Lee, Mitoshi Uyehara 45 5/88

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 1: Self-Defense Techniques
by Bruce Lee, Mitoshi Uyehara (Contributor), Joe Bodner (Illustrator) 51 5/88

Tao of Jeet Kune Do
by Bruce Lee, Gilbert Johnson (Introduction) 10/75
To watch Bruce Lee on film is an amazing experience. Those who have read Tao of Jeet Kune Do, however, know that Lee's prose can also be exhilarating. This praiseworthy and enduring bestseller (mainly written over six months when Lee was bedridden with back problems) compiles philisophical aphorisms, explanations on technique, and sketches by the master himself. This is Bruce Lee’s treatise on his martial art, jeet kune do. This international best seller includes the philosophy of jeet kune do, mental and physical training, martial qualities, attack, and strategy.

Enter the Dragon (1973) 39 6/98

Bruce Lee - A Warrior's Journey (2002) 42 3/02

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) 43 1/02

Fists of Fury (AKA The Big Boss) (1971) 44 5/02

The Chinese Connection (1972) 5/02 45

The Intercepting Fist 45 9/01

Jeet Kune Do 45 9/01

Return of the Dragon (1973) 46 5/02

Game of Death (1979) 47 5/02

Bruce Lee the Master Collection 48 10/03





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