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Gradfinder is the largest worldwide alumni community on the Internet. Currently, the Gradfinder network includes members from over 72,000 schools in 123 countries. In addition to alumni directories, they provide members with online photo albums, message boards and a reunion planning system - all free. List every school in North America - from kindergartens to graduate schools. Gradfinder now offers the largest known database of educational institutions in the world.

Find old friends from college, high school, even elementary school... all for FREE!
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* Save weeks, months, or years trying to track down old friends, thanks to easy access to the largest worldwide alumni listing!
* Initiate conversations with old buddies (or past flames!), while keeping your contact info confidential.
* Share your latest accomplishments (or scandals!) by creating a personal online profile that all your classmates can view.

Come check it out. If you haven"t kept in touch with schoolmates, and don"t know how to make that first contact, join Gradfinder now and find out how easy it is.



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