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Boost your writing skills! All-in-one software that instantly improves your writing and grammar. Grammar, Spelling & Enrichment in 1 Tool. Works on all applications. WhiteSmoke All-in-One Writing software Advanced Writing Solution for Professional Results Grammar Writing Software English Grammar Software

Get Whitesmoke's cutting edge writing tool. WhiteSmoke 2012 VERSION! Download Now. Write like an English pro using WhiteSmokes All-in-one writing solution. The first-ever instant, full-text analysis solution. All in one writing solution. Enriches your text with a relevant combination of adjectives and adverbs Corrects your grammar (supports more than 65,000 errors) Checks spelling with our built-in comprehensive dictionaries (over 420,000 unique values) Replaces and enhances your words with smart synonyms Hundreds of templates. WhiteSmoke is a world leading, All-in-One solution for improving English writing, with over 5 million registered users and 10,000 new users every day. Whitesmoke Business Version Whitesmoke Legal Version Whitesmoke Medical Version Whitesmoke Creative Writing Version Whitesmoke Executive Version www.whitesmoke.com

Advanced Grammar Checker, Artificial intelligence algorithms, Grammar error explanations, Community-based Spell Checker, Accurate spell checking, Up-to-date with word trends, Patented Text Enrichment, Intuitive text enhancement, Enrichment on demand for any word, Dictionary and Thesaurus, Word definitions, Synonyms and idioms, AutoCorrect, Leave the hard work to WhiteSmoke!

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Advanced English Grammar Correction, Text Enrichment, Dictionary, Spell Checker, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Writing Engine, Works with any text-based application, Punctuation, Thesaurus for synonyms, All-in-one Proofreading Solution





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