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Sonlight Curriculum: Christian Homeschooling Curriculum - Homeschooling Program

A few Reasons why Families Love Sonlight

While their program may not be for everybody, they've received tremendously positive feedback from families who have used Sonlight over and over again to teach their children with literature-based curriculum.

Sonlight Curriculum books are chosen not merely for their academic value, but for their value as important additions to your personal family library. These are books that will not just educate, but will entertain and inspire you and your kids.

With Sonlight, you get ...

With your complete book list in hand, why should I buy from Sonlight?

Want to give a gift of knowledge and pleasure to a friend? Mail him or her a Sonlight® gift certificate!

Just dying to purchase books for the kids, but short on cash? Ask Mom and Dad (or your in-laws) to give you a Sonlight® gift certificate!

Maybe you know a missionary who would appreciate being able to build a home library...

Gift certificates come in $10, $25, $50, $100, $300 and $500 denominations.

Sonlight® Gift Certificates: the Perfect Solution for Long-Distance Giving



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