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Nepali Ann's Itty-Bitty, but darn good Nepali Language Primer Learning a few of the basics is really opens up a country to the traveler, visitor, tourist... Just a little of the language will help you to get around, to meet people and to really deepen your experience of a culture. It shows the locals that you want to learn about them and care about their country and culture.

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Friend : Sa Di
Good Friend : Ramro Sa Di
Hello / Goodbye : Namasté
Thank you : Dhanyabaad
How are you? : Tapaai laai kasto chha?
What is your name? : Tapaiiko naam ke ho
Water : Pani
Excuse me : Hajur
How Much Is That? : Kati Ho?
What is this? : Yo ke ho?
Yes : ho
No : hoina
Good Luck : saphalhos
rice : bhat
cold beer : ciso biyar
That's Expensive : mahango bhayo
I'm Sick : ma birami chu




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