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Full Trump-Biden Debate 2020

Winning Political Debates: Proven Techniques for Success
Paperback by Randy Evans (Author), Michael Hester (Author), Newt Gingrich (Foreword) 9/10/2020

How to Beat Trump: America's Top Political Strategists On What It Will Take
Paperback by Mark Halperin (Author) 11/01/2019

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Siege: Trump Under Fire
Hardcover by Michael Wolff (Author) 6/04/2019

The Case for Trump
Hardcover by Victor Davis Hanson (Author) 3/05/2019

Televised Presidential Debates in a Changing Media Environment [2 volumes]
by Edward A. Hinck (Editor) 11/26/2018

The Presidential Debates of 2016 (The Dawn of the Trump Era) (Volume 1)
Paperback by Hardwood III, Richard P (Author) 6/03/2017

Presidential Debates: Risky Business on the Campaign Trail third edition Edition
by Alan Schroeder (Author) 6/28/2016

The Presidential Debates: Issues and Questions for the 2016 Elections and Beyond
by John Norton Moore (Author) 5/02/2016

The Great Presidential Debates Audio CD – Audiobook, CD
by SpeechWorks (Author) 4/19/2016

Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates
Paperback by Jim Lehrer (Author) 9/25/2012

No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates
[Kindle Edition] George Farah (Author) 1/11

Presidential Debates: Fifty Years of High-Risk TV 2nd Edition
by Alan Schroeder (Author) 7/03/2008

Presidential Debates: Auditioning For Leadership
(Paperback) by Allan D. Louden (Author) 8/08

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