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Find out who's telling the truth – and who's not – by giving them a lie detector test. First, attach the sensor to your suspect's finger. Start off with some easy questions to get warmed up. Then, when they least expect it, jump in with the hard-hitting questions to really make 'em squirm. Watch the indicator lights – they light up when your suspect isn't telling the truth. Busted.

Lie Detector by Elenco
Advanced Lie Detector by Fishsticks from Guam (Jan 18, 2011)

Handy Truster - Handheld, Portable Lie Detector! Do You Trust Her? Is He Really Working Late? What Have Your Kids Really Been Doing? Find Out The TRUTH With World's First Handheld Personal LIE Detector! Never Be Lied To Again! Just ask your question and the Handy Truster will analyze the truthfulness of the response. Truster Portable Lie Detector

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