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Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) in Thailand
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The largest Lasik eye surgery center in Bangkok, Thailand and the first in Asia to be ISO certified. Experienced surgeons and the newest Lasik technology make Lasik eye surgery safe and effective new. lasik eye surgery surgeon thailand thai bangkok phuket. TRSC International LASIK Center offers a variety of different technologies. Although newer advanced technologies offer increased opportunity for excellent vision, the necessity for using them varies with the individual qualities of each patient s eyes (such as spectacle prescription, pupil size, corneal thickness, internal higher-order aberrations, and corneal curvature). TRSC s LASIK Refractive Surgery Specialists will consult with each patient and help guide their decision in order to provide the best possible results. TRSC offers the following advanced technologies. # Ultimate LASIK # Optimum LASIK # Premium LASIK LASIK Expertise 68



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