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Comfort, Safety, and Style är Facemask - Made in EU. Reduce 99% of viruses with ViralOff® treatment, Nano-technology filters block up to 99.8% of viruses, pollution and pollen. They give style to the most cutting-edge of technologies. Their masks are designed and produced in state-of-the-art facilities within the EU so you can use a high quality face mask and feel stylish wearing it.

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Treatment ViralOff® which reduce 99% of viruses within 2 hours (self-cleaning)
Replaceable nano-technology filters blocks 99.8% of viruses, pollution, pollen
Light & comfort, easy breathable

ViralOff® reduces 99% of viruses (self-cleaning mask)
är Nanofilters block up to 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, dust, and other airborne pollutants and contaminants
The Eco Acqua Zero treatment of fabric makes the surface of the mask water repellent
Exhalation Valve for easily breath out
Light and Comfort
Designed and Made in EU
Delivery time within 2-5 working days

är Nanofilters are made from the newest nanomaterial on the market. There are incredibly slim for more comfortable breathability.
Block up to 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, dust, and other airborne pollutants
är Nanofilters are three-layer laminates (2 layers of nonwoven materials, 1 layer of submicron fibers (nanofiber)
Average thickness of nanofibers: 100nm - 500nm, 1 000 times thinner than human hair

Can I wash the mask?
Yes, of course, but thanks to the ViralOff® protective layer it is not necessary to wash the mask very often as it reduces 99% of viruses on its own within two hours thanks to its self-cleaning technology. The mask practically sterilizes itself in two hours. For best performance and sustainability, wash less and only when needed. Do not, however, ever wash or disinfect the removable nanofilters as that would compromise their ability to block pollutants and other contaminants.

If you are not using the mask or the filters, close them in the original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, leave the mask and the filters in a dry and sterile environment. Within the next two hours, the mask will clean itself thanks to the ViralOff® technology.

What is the lifespan of the är Facemask?
This depends on more factors such as active usage of the mask, air pollution in your area, and its washing. For best performance and ustainability, wash less and only when needed.

What do the masks block?
Thanks to the replaceable är Nanofilters made of new nanotechnologies, the är Facemask blocks up to 99.8% of viruses, bacteria, pollution, pollen, smog.


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