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Their masks are made with:
100% Cotton Outer Layer, Cotton-Polyester Blend Inner Layer
Polyester ear straps, Polystyrene bead stopper

Official Licensed Crayolaâ„¢ Products, made in Thailand, and will ship from their USA warehouse to US-based customers who pre-order. Their masks are machine washable in the mesh laundry bag included with the set. Their masks can be machine washed at least 30 times, which equals 150 days of wear (about 1 semester or 6 months of wear!).

The masks do not have a filter pocket, but are made from machine washable, dual-layer fabric with adjustable ear straps and nose clip for a secure fit. The masks have a flexible wire in the nose bridge of the mask to help the mask customize its shape to your face.

When fitted securely around the face, their 3-D face design, nose wire clip, and adjustable fit ear straps will help reduce fogging that glasses wearers experience while wearing a mask. If you experience any fogging, try adjusting the mask to fit closer around the bridge of your nose.

They recommend you wash the mask between each use for hygienic purposes. As each pack comes with 5 fabric masks, they recommend to wear a different mask each day and place the mask in the included mesh laundry bag after removing to keep track that it's been used. They sell their masks only in 5-packs.

Each School Mask Pack Set comes with 5 reusable cloth face masks, a mesh laundry bag, and a calendar organizer card, so you can keep track of mask use and washes.
They have added a designated name tag on each mask to label the mask. They do not recommend drawing on any other part of the mask.

Will this mask prevent COVID-19?
All of their masks are designed following the guidance of the FDA and CDC's recommendations for fabric masks for source control*, however, all of School Mask Pack's products are not intended for surgical, medical or industrial use.
Please do not use in high-risk situations. All of their masks do not claim or guarantee to prevent the transmission or infection of any disease, including COVID-19.

*Their products have not been cleared, tested, nor endorsed by the CDC or FDA.

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