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CitizenTax currently supports the following IRS Federal Tax Forms and Schedules:

Note: When e-filing, it is not necessary to specify whether you wish to submit a Form 1040, Form 1040A or a Form 1040-EZ as your entries will be calculated, formatted and transmitted to the IRS as required.

Federal Forms Supported
Form 1040 U.S. Individual Tax Return
Form 1040A U.S. Individual Tax Return (within the 1040)
Form 1040EZ U.S. Individual Tax Return (within the 1040)
Form 1040ES Estimated Tax for Individuals
Form 1040V U.S. Individual Tax Voucher

Income Items
W2: Wage and Tax Statement
1099-INT: Interest Income
1099-DIV: Dividend Income
1099-G: State Refunds & Unemployment
1099-R: IRAs, Pensions and Annuities
1099-MISC: Other Income
SSA-1099: Social Security Benefits
Schedule C: Business Income (Loss)
Schedule D: Capital Gains (Losses)
Schedule E: Supplemental Income (Loss) - Part I supported
Schedule F: Farm Income (Loss)
Form 982: Debt Forgiveness
Form 8606: Non-deductible IRA Contributions
Alimony: Alimony received

Earned Income Credit (EIC)
Child Tax Credit (CTC)
Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC)
Schedule M: Making Work Pay Credit
Form 2441: Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses - Part I & II
Form 5405: First Time Homebuyer Credit - See e-file note on this form
Form 8863: Education Credits
Form 8880: Retirement Savings Contribution Credit
Schedule R: Credit for the Elderly and Disabled

Adjustments to Income
Schedule A: Itemized Deductions - See 'Tax Entenders' note on this form.
Schedule L: Standard Deduction Addition for Certain Filers
IRA Deduction: Deduction for Contributions to Individual Retirement Accounts
SEP, SIMPLE: Self-employeed SEP, SIMPLE and Qualified Plans
Student Loan Interest: Student Loan Interest Deduction
Health Insurance: Self-employed Health Insurance Deduction
Form 982: Reduction of Tax Due to Discharge of Debt
Form 2106: Employee Business Expenses
Form 3903: Moving Expenses
Form 4684: Casualty and Theft
Form 5695: Residential Energy Credits
Form 8283: Non-cash Charitable Contributions
Form 8829: Business Use of Your Home
Form 8889: Health Savings Account Deduction
Form 8917: Tuition and Fees Deduction - See 'Tax Extenders' note on this form
Educator Expenses: Expenses for Educators - See 'Tax Extenders' note on this form
Alimony Paid: Alimony paid (must have receipient's SSN)

Form 8862: Claim EIC After Disallowance
Form 4137: Unreported Social Security and Medicare Taxes
Form 5329: Additional Tax on IRA's and Other Retirement Plans
Form 8888: Direct Deposit of Refund
Tax Owed: Direct Withdrawal of Funds
Schedule SE: Self-employment Tax



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