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The Durian Tourist's Guide to Thailand
[Kindle Edition] Leanne Jewett (Editor) 6/01/2014
The Durian Tourist's Guide to Thailand is a comprehensive travel guide to indulging in Southeast Asia's King of Fruit while enjoying the turquoise coast, sandy beaches, exotic temples, ancient ruins and relaxing spas of a normal holiday in Thailand. Designed for the eco-conscious adventurer who has a taste for durian, this book will help you connect with Thai fruit farmers and learn about sustainable horticultural practices in Thailand, all while eating the best durian Thailand has to offer.

Chanee or Gibbon took its name because the fruit tends to stick at the end of branches looking like a gibbon hanging on a tree.

Monthong or Golden Pillow. In Thai, Mon means "pillow" and Thong means "Gold" . The Monthong is named for its fruit appearance. It is said to be shaped like a pillow while the delicious pulp is a golden yellow. 

Kanyao (Long Peduncle). In Thai, Kan means "Peduncle" while Yao means "Long". So its name derivation is consistent with the outside appearance, which the peduncle is rather longer than other varieties. 

Kradumthong or Golden Button. In Thai, Kradum means "button" while Thong means "Gold" as its bud is small and round looking like a button of an old style Chinese shirt with good taste. So they named it for the shape and taste as Kradumthong. 

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