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Runbox Mail Manager is an online email application featuring: email address
- up to 15 GB for online email storage and 1 GB for files with option to buy unlimited storage space
- No advertisements
- Extensive email management capabilities
- Access your email on any device via Web, POP, SMTP, WAP, SMS, and more.
- receive large messages

# 15 GB email storage space. # 1 GB file storage space. # 100 MB message size limit. # Fast, ad-free webmail service. # Email Hosting for your domain. # New: Web Hosting with cPanel. # Accessible with any email client. # Connect via Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and WAP. # Secure SSL access for webmail and email clients. # Powerful, "intelligent" spam and virus filtering. # Consolidate, store, and manage all your email. # Support Center with email tips, articles, and news.


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