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The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator Tills Tough Soil, Power Weeds, Digs Holes & More. Starting at $399.
The Mantis Garden Tiller - This 20 Lb. Wonder Will Cut Your Garden Work in Half - Free Shipping!

MantisĀ® Classic Tillers
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Mantis XP Tillers Online - Tines Are Guaranteed For Life. Try it for a year, risk-free. Bonus Gift And Free Shipping!
Mantis XP Tiller Online More Power. 16 inch width gets more done in less time. Bonus Gift And Free Shipping!
See the W I D E R Mantis XP Tiller/Cultivator - Get more gardening done in less time. Free Shipping.

Buy Mantis XP Tiller - Got more Garden? Get more Tiller! Try It For A Year, Risk-Free. 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee and 5-Year Warranty.
Mantis Tiller - Grow it With Mantis. Border Edger Attachment & Kickstand included. A $69.90 value.

Mantis Electric 5-Ton Log Splitter - Splits wood up to 12 inches thick. 1-Yr Money-Back Guarantee. Free Shipping and canvas log carrier.

Mantis - They Make Gardening Easier. The first - and still America's favorite 20-lb garden tiller. Mantis Tillers Mantis Tillers Mantis® 2-Cycle Tiller | Mantis® 4-Cycle Tiller | Mantis® Electric Tiller | Mantis® XP 16” Tiller Choosing a Tiller | Tiller Attachments | Tiller Accessories | Tiller Parts and Service Tiller Projects | Tiller Testimonials | Why We’re Best Free Information Package Composter Mantis Composting ComposT-Twin | Accessories | Why We’re Best | Two-Bin Composting | Testimonials Composting Info | Perfect Compost | What to Compost | Composting Q&A | Compost Benefits | Composting Steps | Turning Your Bins Free Information Package Yard Care Products Hedge Trimmers | Loadumper Garden Cart | E-System Yard Tools SwiftSplit Log Splitter | Why We're Best | Wood Splitting Tips More Handy Products

Mantis is a trusted brand… bringing high quality, innovative and dependable products to the home and garden marketplace for over 30 years. They've built their reputation through lasting products, highly responsive customer service and industry-leading warranties and guarantees.

With over a million satisfied customers worldwide, you can be confident that an industry leader stands behind your purchase with the products and services you deserve. Whether you are a vegetable or flower gardener, master gardener or creating a garden for the first time, there is a Mantis tiller just right for you.

Their complete line of tillers offers you a choice of power and sizes; all lightweight and versatile. Great soil is an important part of a successful garden. Compost invigorates soil, adding organic matter and vital nutrients. Recycle yard and garden waste into compost for your garden and your lawn.

Their composter makes it easy for you to have a constant supply of compost. They help you create a bountiful garden and a beautiful landscape, and provide you with durable, fun to use yard and garden products. When you buy direct from Mantis, your purchase is backed by one-year, money-back guarantee, industry-leading warranties!


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