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Hollywood Theme Party

Hollywood Mega Store - Hollywood Souvenirs, Hollywood specialty items from Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios and many others popular novelty items. Their selection of gifts, collectibles and decorations are perfect for any cinema lover or movie buff in search of Hollywood's excitement and glamour. They stock a complete line high quality products that bring the fun and innovation of Hollywood straight to you! With more than 3,000 items available to choose from, Movie-themed Party Decorations & Supplies Lifesize Celebrity Standups Director's Clapboards & Chairs Film Canisters & Reels Film Stills & Movie Posters Award Trophy Statuettes Hollywood Apparel Gift-Sets & Personalized Items.

Movie posters, movie stills, standups, gifts, film & party accessories! Hollywood Mega Store has tons of unique gift items related to the entertainment & movie industry! Your one stop shop for cool Hollywood memorabilia & movie collectibles. What's Hot Now! Award Trophies Lifesize Celebrity Cutouts The Party Store! Posters Film Stills Film Accessories Picture Frames Hollywood Roadway Gift Packs & Custom Gifts Collectibles & Small Gifts Movie Legends & Series T-Shirts, Caps & More! Maps & Tour Guides Kid Zone.

Decorative Film Cans - An icon of the Motion Picture industry for nearly 100 years, film cans set the theme for every special event or movie night. Perfect for home theater decoration, they also make fun popcorn holders. Get yours today! Pirates of the Caribbean - Jonny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley return to the high seas this summer. Take home a piece of the adventure with our line of Life-size cardboard cutouts of the stars and movie posters! Get yours today! Awards - Present "Hollywood Gold" to friends and loved ones, or spice up a party with our broad line of award statues. From budget-fitting blank trophies to full customization services, you can make Hollywood dreams come true. Get yours today! Decorative Film Reels - Our popular line of high-quality decorative metal film reels are back. Perfect for party decor and adding the Hollywood touch to your home theater, these 10" reels also make a unique gift for movie fans. Get yours today! www.hollywoodmegastore.com



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