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Ginga and Roll Strong: 10 Capoeira Exercises to Improve Your BJJ (Volume 2)
Paperback by Chris Roel (Author), Marcio Santos (Contributor), Luis Pinto (Contributor), Orlando Machado (Contributor), Marcelo Azevedo (Contributor) 2/17/2016

Ginga and Grow Strong: Improve Your Health, Fitness, and Family Life Through the Art of Brazilian Capoeira
Paperback by Chris Roel (Author) 1/07/2016

Capoeira and Religiosity: (Spirituality)
Kindle Edition by Dolf van der Schoot (Author), João Brilhante (Illustrator) 3/08/2014
I am a capoeira - as they say – or at least I am pretending to be one. And for those who are acquainted with the world of capoeira, religion and spirituality always appear to be present, for some more then for others. In the history of capoeira and in the proper practice of capoeira, we can find traces and elements of them, traces that piqued my curiosity and brought me to reflection on the topic.

Capoeira 100: An Illustrated Guide to the Essential Movements and Techniques
Paperback by Gerard Taylor (Author) 1/09/2007

A Street-Smart Song: Capoeira Philosophy and Inner Life
Paperback by Nestor Capoeira (Author) 6/02/2006

Capoeira Conditioning: How to Build Strength, Agility, and Cardiovascular Fitness Using Capoeira Movements
Paperback by Gerard Taylor (Author) 12/08/2005

Capoeira and Candomblé: Conformity And Resistance In Brazil
Paperback by Floyd Merrell (Author) 3/01/2005
Capoeira is a unique music-dance-sport-play activity created by African slaves in Brazil, and Candombl‚ is a hybrid religion combining Catholic and African beliefs and practices. The two are closely interconnected. Capoeira and Candombl‚ have for centuries made up a coherent form of Brazilian life, despite having been suppressed by the dominant cultures. Now they are not only widely recognized in Brazil, but have become popular in North America and Europe as a new blend of sports, dance, and holistic approach to many facets of life. For Western audiences, Capoeira performance and Candombl‚ services are fun to watch and participate in, but difficult to understand. Both have apparently familiar elements, but this seeming conformity with the dominant cultures was for 400 years a strategy of resistance by Brazilian slaves. The author offers his own reflections about Capoeira and Candombl‚, combining personal experiences with anecdotes, historical facts, and research as well as religious and philosophical interpretations, both Western and non-Western. The result is informative and entertaining, a description and analysis that allows readers to get a feeling, understanding, and even experience of the spirit of Capoeira and Candombl‚.

Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game
Paperback by Nestor Capoeira (Author) 7/08/2002

Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form: History, Philosophy, and Practice
Paperback by Bira Almeida (Author) 2/01/1993

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Capoeira (kah-po-ay-ra) is a 400-year-old martial art that was developed in Brazil by African slaves. The slaves perfected the moves back in Africa as a way to evade capture by traders. When they did arrive in Brazil, it allowed them to defend themselves at times. According to passionate Capoeiristas (people do Capoeira) this is more than just another martial art, as it is an art of expression, play and personal interaction.

Interest in Capoeira is exploding throughout the U.S. In the 1920's, Capoeira became more than just a fight. It achieved national recognition and became what it is today: a dance, a sport, a game and an artistic expression of freedom. Currently in Brazil, Capoeira has become a nationally televised sport viewed second only to soccer.

Most Capoeira classes open with an aerobic warm-up followed by lessons by an instructor or mestre. According to the Mestre I spoke to, Jelon Vieira, the group then forms a circle or a roda, around two people who will run through specific moves, more like a dance than a fight. At the head of the roda are musicians, who play instruments unique to the art. The main instrument is a berimbau, a primitive instrument whose tempo dictates to the players what game they will play in the roda. Finally the Mestre might sing a traditional song along with the unique beats further directing the pace and direction of the sparring. The melody from this type of music is considered the soul of the art form.

Mestre Jelon says that Capoeira works out 100 percent of the body, bringing all types of people together to transcend martial arts, and on its deepest level, is a philosophical framework for approaching and interacting with others. It's a "deep and holistic art form that pushes the person to the limits - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."

So it is no wonder that celebrities like Gisele Bundchen have recently embraced this art form. Recently spiritual minded fashionistas are donning capoeira pendants and other jewelry. These necklaces have spiritual images and considered to be good - luck charms. There are now Capoeira schools all over the country as people turn to this activity as a new form of wellness.



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