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Label all GM Foods GMO Mandatory Labeling facebook group

The World According to Monsanto Video
This Company May Be the Biggest Threat to Your Future Health

Patent For a Pig Video

Organic Consumers Association 61

Institute for Responsible Technology 62

The Non-GMO Project
The Non-GMO Project is a collaborative effort of grocery stores across the U.S. and Canada. They are asking all of the manufacturers of the food and supplements they carry to go through a review process to confirm the Non-GMO status of their products. 62

The Non-GMO Report and Industry Sourcebook
Information and resources to help you capitalize on the market opportunities for non-genetically modified products. 66

Seeds of Deception
The world's best-selling book critical of genetically engineered food. 73

Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers
(Paperback) by Ronnie Cummins (Author), Ben Lilliston (Author) 6/04

The GMO Handbook: Genetically Modified Animals, Microbes, and Plants in Biotechnology
(Hardcover) by Sarad R. Parekh 6/04


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GMO Free: Exposing the Hazards of Biotechnology to Ensure the Integrity of Our Food Supply
(Paperback) by Mae-WAN Ho, Lim Li Ching 4/04

The Hope, Hype, and Reality of Genetic Engineering: Remarkable Stories from Agriculture, Industry, Medicine, and the Environment
(Hardcover) by John C. Avise 2/04

Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating
(Paperback) by Jeffrey M. Smith 9/03

Genetically Modified Organisms: Transgenesis in Plants
(Paperback) by Yves Tourte 1/03

Dinner at the New Gene Cafe: How Genetic Engineering Is Changing What We Eat, How We Live, and the Global Politics of Food
(Paperback) by Bill Lambrecht 12/02

Shrinking the Cat: Genetic Engineering Before We Knew About Genes
(Paperback) by Sue Hubbell 12/02

Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy Of Industrial Agriculture
Paperback by Andrew Kimbrell (Editor) 5/01/2002

Genetically Engineered Food: Changing the Nature of Nature
(Paperback) by Martin Teitel, Martin Teitel Ph.D., Ralph Nader (Foreword) 4/01

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