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All Natural Products for General pH Testing and Wellness from pHion

pHion Balance Alkaline Minerals Powder

pHion Balance Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

Get started with pH balancing of your body the right way, select pHion the leader in alkaline living!
pHion Cleanse and Body Detoxification Solution Contains Everything You Need to Purge Those Nasty Toxins From Your Body!
pHion Concentrated Juice Formula of 40 Alkaline Grasses, Fruits and Veggies, Go Green with Your Body!
pHion Antioxidant Complex Fights Damaging Free Radicals, While Nuetralizing Skin Degeneration and Aging!

pHion Booster, Boost Your Water, Energy and Health!
Organic Minerals from pHion, Neutralizes Strong Acids, A Perfect Blend of Ionic Minerals.
pHion Silvagen, Colloidal Silver is Clinically Proven to Eradicate Microforms and Balance Your Body's pH by Reducing Toxin-Creating Creatures in Your Body!

pHion Balance

pHion is the category leader when it pertains to pH balancing of the body. Their products range from pH Testing Devices, Alkaline Water Supplements, Green Drinks to Pre-Package Programs designed to create and maintain optimal health and wellness.

pHion products are backed by a "no questions asked" 30 day guarantee and supported by second to none educational information on how to best maximize results.

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pHion Violet, Enzyme Complex - Capsules
Believe it or not, how well you are digesting your food has a big impact on your level of acidification.1 When you eat a diet of mostly raw foods, which are brimming with digestive enzymes, then your food is broken down easily and makes a quick exit from the body. If, on the other hand, you’re eating a diet that includes a lot of cooked and processed foods, which are devoid of enzymes, then your food is only partially digested, stays in the body, and eventually ferments there. And what do you get when food ferments? Acid. That’s why enzymes are so important to pH balance! Ideally, you want to eat twice as many raw foods as cooked and processed. If you do eat cooked and processed foods, then you’ll want to start taking pHion Violet.



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