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Moon Landing Hoax

The Sky Atlas: The Greatest Maps, Myths, and Discoveries of the Universe (Historical Maps of the Stars and Planets, Night Sky and Astronomy Lover Gift)
Hardcover by Edward Brooke-Hitching (Author) 2/25/2020

National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Night Sky, 2nd Edition
by Andrew Fazekas (Author), Howard Schneider (Author) 3/19/2019


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Space Atlas, Second Edition: Mapping the Universe and Beyond 2nd Edition
by James Trefil (Author), Buzz Aldrin (Foreword) 10/23/2018

The Astronomy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Hardcover by DK (Author) 9/05/2017

Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, Eighth Edition (Wiley Self Teaching Guides)
by Dinah L. Moché (Author) 7/22/2014

History of Astronomy
[Paperback] George Forbes (Author) 7/11

Astronomy for Amateurs
[Paperback] Camille Flammarion (Author) 7/11

LunarPhase Pro Digital Download
Moon Astronomy and Interactive Moon Atlas Software - Predict Moon Phases and More. Moon Phase Software: Everything you need to know about lunar phenomena. Includes interactive Moon Atlas. Free Demo available.

Jupsat Pro - Astronomy Software
Simulate Jupiter And The Motions Of Its Four Main Satellites. Predict Great Red Spot Transit Times And Times Of Mutual Satellite Phenomana. See Sateelite Track Diagrams. Animate The Jovian System, Including The Great Red Spot. Get News About Jupiter.

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide
Hardcover by Terence Dickinson (Author), Alan Dyer (Author) 9/12/2008

Astronomy (DK Eyewitness Books)
[Hardcover] Kristen Lippincott (Author) 6/08

Astronomy Hacks : Tips and Tools for Observing the Night Sky
(Paperback) by Robert Thompson, Barbara Fritchman Thompson 6/05

Astronomy For Dummies
(Paperback) by Stephen P. Maran 5/05

Explorations: An Introduction to Astronomy, Update, with Essential Study Partner CD-ROM & Starry Nights 3.1 CD-ROM
(Paperback) by Thomas T Arny, Thomas Arny 12/03

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