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Moon Landing Hoax

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UFO - Buzz Aldrin admits seeing UFO

Moon Movie
features documented movies and files which prove that the Apollo missions were not designed to send a man to the moon, but rather as a mass propaganda effort to fake a space race and an arms race. It appears that there's big money in the government propaganda business.

Moon Hoax Bill Kaysing Interview - Part 1 to 6

Prabhupada Predicted the Illuminati Moon Landing Hoax! Part 1

Apollo Moon Hoax? Moon landing was it a real or a hoax?

Moon Hoax

Moon Hoax

Myth Busteres

Moon Landing Hoax 9-part documentary

Moon Secrets Revealed

Moon Hoas Footage

Phenomenon: World History

Apollo Moon Hoax? Dr. David Groves Analysis

Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Mythbusters Moon Landing photo hoax 1

Michio Kaku on the moon landing "hoax"

(ct) The Truth Behind The Moon Landings - full 48min



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