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Chinese New Year Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!)
(Library Binding) by Karen E. Bledsoe 4/05

My First Chinese New Year
(Hardcover) by Karen Katz 1/05


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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book
(Paperback) by Hingman Chan 7/04

Lanterns and Firecrackers : A Chinese New Year Story (Festival Time)
(Paperback) by Jonny Zucker, Jan Barger Cohen 2/04

Dragon Dance a Chinese New Year: A Chinese New Year Lift-The-Flap Book
(Paperback) by Joan Holub, Benrei Huang 12/03

Chinese New Year For Kids
(Paperback) by Cindy Roberts 10/02

Celebrating Chinese New Year
(Paperback) by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith, Lawrence Migdale 10/99

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