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CoverWallet offers Insurance to companies of all sizes tailoring coverage to specific requirements of each client. They offer insurance products from top carriers nationwide to fit their clients' requirements. They offer over 30 insurance products catering to industries including but not limited to: Administrative Services and Building Maintenance, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Construction, Consultants, Contractors, Education, Finance and Insurance, Food and Accommodation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Scientific and Technical Services, Real Estate, Rentals and Leasing, Retail, Sports, Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Transportation and Warehousing and Wholesale Trade.

Commercial Insurance products. They service 24/7 online.
They are licensed in all US States except Alaska and Hawaii.
They are able to quote an industry leading number of industries by aggregating top carriers' appetites.

An Aon company. Making it incredibly easy to understand, buy and manage insurance for your business. CoverWallet, is the easiest way to understand, buy and manage insurance for small businesses. All online, in minutes. CoverWallet delivers a seamless user experience while offering savings, customized coverage, and best-in-class service to customers. In a matter of minutes, any business can get peace of mind, buying and managing their insurance, all through CoverWallet's online platform.

General Liability Insurance covers claims of injury, bodily or physical, and property damage. Often, it is offered in a package with Property Insurance. This insurance is meant to protect your business against accidents that occur on your property and at any other covered locations. Commercial General Liability makes it so your business carries on while it faces claims, such as negligence.

Workers Compensation
If a worker gets injured on the job and requires medical treatment, you'll be happy to have a Workers' Compensation Insurance plan. This plan will also cover lost wages and services that help an employee recover and get back to work.


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