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Worth Ave Group Insurance

Worth Ave Group is the premier insurance provider for laptops, cell phones, iPhones, iPads, and other electronic devices. Their company is underwritten by Hanover - an A rated company by AM Best.

See what Macworld had to say about them recently: “They’ll cover stuff that won’t be handled by your typical warranty from Apple. Whether your iPhone has been dropped, stolen, or damaged by liquid, you are covered.”

The bottom line is this (no other competitor has anything close to the quality of product and service you get with them. They offer quality affordable INSURANCE. A warranty is just not the same.):

Everyone knows a warranty is a waste of money. They typically don't cover the important things, like if you drop your phone or laptop, or crack your screen, or if it gets stolen. And if they do cover it, it voids your warranty for the rest of the term and you likely will need to buy a new one. With their insurance, you're covered for the entire term of your policy. If you buy insurance for a year, you've got insurance for a year with no price increases whether you file one claim or three.

In addition you can add items to your laptop policies such as a cell phone, a digital camera, a game system, or a musical instrument, all for 10 dollars or less per item.





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