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Video Compression Handbook 2nd Edition
by Andy Beach (Author) 7/13/2018

Torrent Downloads: A Modern Guide to File Sharing
Kindle Edition by Vicktor Schiele (Author) 4/04/2018

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The Torrent Guide for Everyone [Illustrated]
Kindle Edition by Tatsiana Sysoi (Author) 1/26/2016

The Beginners Guide to Downloading BitTorrents
Kindle Edition by Tim Catron (Author) 3/04/2015

Ghost Crime: Why File Sharing is Not Stealing
Kindle Edition by Dyson Drake (Author) 7/14/2014

BitTorrent For Dummies 1st Edition
by Susannah Gardner (Author), Kris Krug (Author) 10/14/2005

Steal This File Sharing Book: What They Won't Tell You About File Sharing
Paperback by Wallace Wang (Author) 10/25/2004

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