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Free Email Notifications of Blog Posts. 71

RSS-to-Email tool will automatically send your subscribers a newsletter whenever your blog (or any RSS feed) gets updated. Publish once, and bam--we send the newsletter. 31

FeedBurner 34

FeedBlitz - The Leading RSS and Blog to Email Service
FeedBlitz provides RSS and blog email subscription services. Offering RSS by email provides greater reach for feed publishers, and gives easy RSS subscription services to blog readers and RSS consumers. FeedBlitz takes all the headache out of converting RSS feeds and blog posts into customizable email digests. Subscribe to any Blog by Mail, IM or Twitter! You can use Feedblitz to follow any blog or web site, even if they don't have FeedBlitz themselves, just enter the site's address to start the process. RSS to email. 46

Feed Mailer
RSS via email Feed Mailer takes RSS one step further! It e-mails you the updates! We take the hassle out of staying up-to-date, by e-mailing you the very latest information that you are interested in. 61

Nourish is a next generation newsletter service which allows you to take any RSS feed from content you publish (like a blog), and convert it into an automated email newsletter your readers can subscribe to. We want you to focus on creating great content. We’ll take care of the rest. 64

RSS FWD - RSS forwards straight into your email inbox. A service by Blue Sky Factory. 61

rss2email - a free tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your email program (rss2email) 61

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